Everyone wins when you support local businesses - but we've added a new spin! Introducing Downtown Delivered BINGO! Order takeout or delivery from a business to cross off that square. If you get five squares in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - you know, bingo - you earn $20 in Downtown Dollars! Black out the entire card and get $50 in Downtown Dollars!


You can still claim Bingo rewards with receipts/screenshots dated between April 15 and May 15!


Choose your card and either save it to your phone/computer or print it out. Mark off each square as you order something from those businesses. 

  • You must have proof! We will not take your word for it. Save receipts, screenshots, and any other forms of proof.
  • You may choose whichever card you like - but you can only play one card, for both Bingo and Blackout. You can change your mind once you start, but you can only claim one of the cards, so choose carefully!
  • Email your marked-up card and your receipts for each square you're claiming to events@downtownsantacruz.com.
  • You get one free square when you tag @downtownsantacruz, but please feel free to keep on tagging us in your delivery photos!

Printer Friendly Card 1.         Printer Friendly Card 2.         Printer Friendly Card 3


What counts as Downtown Santa Cruz?

As a rule of thumb, a business is in Downtown Santa Cruz if we've got it listed on our site. See Downtown Delivered for reference.

Can I mark a square if I ordered from a non-Downtown location?

Only if the Downtown Santa Cruz location isn't offering delivery or takeout, but they have another location to order from! For example, Betty's Eat Inn is part of the Downtown family, but the're only offering food from their other Betty Burger locations. We know who's open and who's not Downtown (it's kind of our thing) so we know if you could have chosen Downtown! 

Do gift cards count?

They sure do! If you know you may want to order later, you can buy a gift card to mark off a square. The two caveats:

  • The gift card purchased can't count for both the "gift card" square and a business square!
  • The gift card must be purchased during the Bingo dates! No fair claiming your birthday present from 2004.

The prize is... what now?

Downtown Dollars! They're like a gift card to Downtown - lots of businesses take them, and you can use them like cash. Every time you spend Downtown Dollars, businesses get that money just the same as any other payment method, so you're supporting those businesses AFTER you play Bingo, too.

How do I get my Downtown Dollars?

We'll mail them to you! Once you've sent in your card and proof to events@downtownsantacruz.com, we will get your address and send you your prize in the mail. You can expect them to be sent out within 48 hours. 

Got another question? Email events@downtownsantacruz.com!