Barretini: Chakra Balance- Yin Yoga & Sound Healing

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Past Dates & Times

  • Sunday, Sep 29, 2019 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM



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Take a moment and imagine one area of your life that you wish was different. Do you wish to be stronger, more patient, kinder, confident, creative and passionate?

This is a two hour experience of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing to balance the seven major Chakra energy centers. Through breath, yin postures, essential oils, guided meditation and the healing sounds of crystal and brass singing bowls, ceremonial drums, multiple gongs, chimes and Native American flutes, participants will be led on a journey to awaken, align and activate each chakra. This class will help clear obstacles and distractions from one's pursuit of the Higher Self, while also encouraging attitudes and habits that will empower you to live a healthy and whole life.

Join us to practice the art of self-care and realign your energy centers. Gentle and suitable for everyone, this blissful experience will leave participants feeling rested, renewed and centered.

Benefits of Yin Yoga & Sound Healing:

- Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
- Revitalizes tissues in the body
- Diminishes stress and anxiety
- Improves flexibility and joint mobility 
- Encourages deep relaxation which aides in meditation
- Triggers the brain to chemically release natural opiates reducing pain and swelling
- Engages the parasympathetic nervous system, initiating calm and peace

*Pre-registration is strongly recommended as the event typically sells out.

Barretini Member Special: $35


Jeny Dawson and Mark Carter own and operate Zen Soul Balance– a holistic wellness company based in San Diego specializing in yoga, sound healing, mindfulness, meditation and nutrition. They are RYT certified and hold certifications in sound healing, holistic health, yoga for children with special needs and leadership development. Together they inspire others to live healthy lives - to embrace the unity of body, mind and spirit as the catalyst for optimal health and wellness.