Mushroom Month

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January is Mushroom Month in Downtown Santa Cruz! Celebrate your love for fungi with tons of specials and themes from your favorite Downtown businesses. Pick up our Mushroom Month Map at the Information Kiosk to get started!


Barceloneta  - Maitake and trumpet mushrooms, crisp fried farm egg, parsley-garlic picada

Bookshop Santa Cruz - Mushroom foraging books and gifts

Sockshop & Shoe Company - Mushroom display 

The Penny Ice Creamery - Candy Cap Ice Cream

Snap Taco - The "Fun Guy" Mushroom Taco

Artisans & agency - Mushroom Merchandise

Far West Fungi - Percentage of proceeds for the weekend go to Santa Cruz Fungus Federation 

Go Ask Alice - All Mushroom Powders and Tinctures 15% off 

The Midway at Bad Animal Books - Locally foraged mushroom dish

Cat's Meow - 10% Off - For FunGuy's!! (Men's Wear)

Yoso Wellness Spa & Yoso the Annex  - 15% off mushroom based herbs and skincare

Miss Jessie Mays - Mushroom gifts & mushroom jewelry!