In 2019, the Downtown Association and Economic Development initiated a strategic plan, in partnership with outside firm, Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA), for the maintenance and management of the Downtown area. 

After months of work with Downtown stakeholders, PUMA has come forward with an outline of recommendations. These recommendations are leading to efforts to consolidate our assessments into one property-based improvement district (PBID), instead of our current model, which is a smaller property-based assessment (Downtown Management Corporation) and a business assessment (Downtown Association). This model, a PBID, has become fairly standard in Downtown's around the country.

Details about the recommendations being proposed and the process that led us to these recommendations as well as details about the enhanced services being proposed through the new PBID are available at the links below.

Please contact the Downtown Association, with questions.


Strategic Plan for the Maintenance and Management of Downtown

Downtown Community Survey

PBID Fact Sheet

Proposed Management Plan for New PBID

Proposal From Outside Contractor Block by Block Outling Enhanced Clean & safe Services

The PBID efforts have been paused for future years in order to allow complete focus on the economic recovery of Downtown during the COVID-19 crisis.