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Downtown Ambassadors – 831-430-6311

Downtown Ambassadors work seven days a week serving Cedar St., Front St, and Pacific Avenue and side streets to support a positive experience for visitors, employees, residents and others spending time in the Downtown district. Working closely with the many agencies who support the Downtown district, the Ambassadors are both a valuable link for the business community and a welcoming face for visitors.

Downtown Ambassadors are an extension of the businesses in the Downtown District. Funded by the Downtown Management Corporation and managed by the Downtown Association, the Downtown Ambassadors extend the customer service of the businesses out onto the sidewalks in the downtown district. A customer’s experience doesn’t begin and end at the threshold of your favorite restaurant or retail store, and Ambassadors make sure that experience keeps going strong on the streets.

The Downtown Ambassadors are funded through an assessment of properties on Cedar St., Front St., Pacific Avenue and side streets, one block in either direction, between Laurel Street and Water Street. The Assessment is managed by the Downtown Management Corporation of Santa Cruz.

Contact the Downtown Ambassadors

There are several ways to contact the Downtown Ambassadors.

Monday-Sunday between 10am-6pm 

Call or text: 831-430-6311