Food Waste Webinar Series

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Date and Time

  • Tuesday, Jun 1, 2021  5:00pm-6:00pm


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Are you wasting money by wasting food?
Join this webinar series created by the City of Santa Cruz to learn all about wasted food and reducing waste in your life to keep cash out of the trash. Plus, be entered to win awesome prizes like a compost bin, and more, for attending! Did you know that there is not only a huge environmental impact from wasting food but that the average family of four will toss out $1,600 or more a year in wasted food! To help us dive deeper into the journey of wasted food topics, there will be a wonderful lineup of guest speakers including:
Chef Kendra Baker of The Glass Jar demoing "Freestyle Cooking"
Farmer Javier Zamora of JSM Organic Farms
Chief Operations Officer Kristi Locatelli of Wild Roots Market
Donation Center Executive Director Tim Brattan of Grey Bears
So please! Join us for 1 or all 3 webinars** to explore where food comes from and goes and why YOU have an opportunity to make a huge difference for the planet and maybe even your wallet. You may be surprised with what you learn! Please also share this with someone you think may be interested in learning more.
Webinars will be held at the following times via Zoom:
April 6th 5-6pm - The Journey of Wasted Food: From Farm to Table
May 4th 5-6pm - Freestyle cooking demo with Chef Kendra Baker and Reducing Food Waste at Home
June 1st 5-6pm - Becoming a Food Waste Warrior: Putting what you have learned into action
***A raffled prize will be given at each webinar and one grand prize will be given to someone who attends all 3 in the series. Don't miss out!***
For more information about why food waste reduction matters visit ReFED