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Friday Night Insight – The Dhamma and Psychedelics as Medicine

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Join Insight for a provocative evening on the Dhamma and Psychedelics as Medicine. This discussion will focus on the phenomenology of why and how these medicines are effective from the qualitative perspective, which aligns very closely with Dhamma practice: facing one’s shadows and truth as it is, engendering non-attachment and non-self, and making peace with the finitude of one’s life. 

Areas of Inquiry:
* How does this relate to the 5th precept, addiction, attachment, and non-self?
* Cutting edge research on psychedelics as medicine in working with PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. 
* Learn about the research on how these medicines when held therapeutically; appear to be one of the most effective treatments for addiction.
* Learn about the Clergy psilocybin study at John Hopkins Medical Center exploring mystical religious experience.
* The historic and contemporary uses of entheogenic plants amongst Indigenous peoples in their spiritual and healing cosmologies.