Mushroom Month!

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Past Dates & Times

  • Wed, Jan 1, 2020 - Fri, Jan 31, 2020



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In Downtown Santa Cruz, January is Mushroom Month! To coincide with the annual Fungus Fair at Louden Nelson Community Center, many Downtown Santa Cruz businesses offer special dishes, displays, or products celebrating the wonder of fungus. Maps and information will be available soon to all who want to explore - you'll find them at Artisans & agency and the Downtown Information Kiosk!

A digital copy of the map is here:

View Mushroom Month Map

You can also see First Friday exhibitions at  Artisans & agency and Far West Fungi!

Here are some specials you can expect in this celebration of mushrooms:

1. ARTISANS & AGENCY - Mushroom Merchandise and Fungus First Friday Art Show

2. YOSO WELLNESS SPA - 10% off all mushroom blended herbs from Anima Mundi and sun potion, as well as 10% off reishi and snow cloud mushroom skincare products!

3. BOOKSHOP SANTA CRUZ - Mushroom Books and Merchandise

4. BARCELONETA - Special Mushroom Month Dish - Grilled Mushrooms, Spanish-Style Fried Egg, Parsley-Garlic Ajillo with Black Truffles

5. NOURISH - Mushroom nutrition supplements and mushroom-infused chocolates.

6. BUTTERCUP CAKES - Savory Chanterelle Hand Pie and Candy Cap Cupcakes

7. THE PENNY ICE CREAMERY -  Candy Cap Mushroom Ice Cream

8. ECO GOODS -  $5.00 store credit with purchase of a Liberty Graphic Mushroom Tee Shirts. (valid on your next visit and cannot be used to buy another tee!)

9. GO ASK ALICE - Mushroom Merchandise, Fungus Art First Friday Showcase, 15% Off All Medicinal Mushroom Products

10. SNAP TACO - The Fun Guy Taco! Crispy mushroom medley, romesco, cabbage & queso fresco

11. FAR WEST FUNGI - Mushroom food, beverages, and merchandise