Wowie-Zowie with Jeff Raz!

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Date and Time for this Past Event

  • Saturday, Dec 14, 2019  11AM-12PM



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On Saturday, December 14th at 11AM, Tandy Beal and Company presents Jeff Raz in Wowie Zowie! as part of the 2019-2020 ArtSmart Family Concert Series. During this magical hour, we’ll experience the hilarity, wonder, and dazzlement of physical theater and musical juggling with one of the preeminent circus performers of the West Coast! Plan a day out with your grandkids to bond over the magic of laughter.

Jeff Raz has made a juggling act out of life! He toured as a soloist in Cirque du Soleil, for 9 years with the legendary Pickle Family Circus, and in Tandy Beal & Company’s own JOY! A Holiday Show! Raz founded and directed the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco (the only national school for clowns!) and has written two books about focuses on his experience performing in Cirque de Soleil and establishing the Clown Conservatory: The Secret Life of Clowns, and The Snow Clown. Raz also began the Medical Clown Project, where he has used his touching storytelling ability to bring joy to those in Bay Area hospitals. He continues to teach and practice the wonder of laughter, connection, and storytelling in shows and lectures in California!

In this interactive show, Raz will bring volunteers to perform feats of balance, to make us gasp in awe and delight, and to uplift our hearts and spirits!