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COVID-19 Parking Permit Info


City of Santa Cruz Extends Parking Permits through May Free of Charge

We have extended all parking permits through May 31 free of charge in light of circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Post Date: 04/24/2020 3:30 PM


April 24, 2020



Brian Borguno, Parking Program Manager, (831) 420-5184

Janice Bisgaard, Community Relations Specialist, (831) 420-5166


SANTA CRUZ — Effective immediately, the City of Santa Cruz is extending all parking permits through the end of May in light of circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes extending all valid monthly garage permits through May 31 with no payment required for this month. If a monthly permit parker has pre-paid the month of May, the City will credit a month of parking and extend the validity of the permit as appropriate. 

Also extended through May are last year’s Residential Parking Permits. Renewal notices are being sent to current permit holders and may be completed through the mail-in process.

New Residential Parking Permit applications begin on May 15. Applicants may apply through the mail by following directions on the City website and downloading a form.  

Commuter Parking Permits, Parking Lot Permits and Meter Permits sold on a quarterly basis will be extended through the second quarter ending June 30 and/or credited for the next quarter for those who have pre-paid.

Details concerning all parking permit programs are available at

The City’s Parking Services division is committed to the highest quality of customer service. Any questions or concerns may be addressed by calling (831)420-5185.

Essential parking services including the safety and cleanliness of all parking facilities are being maintained under the local and state COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders.

Up-to-date information on the City’s operations and response to COVID-19 can be found at



Covid-19 Parking Response Parking Division


Parking Response Parking Division Lots and Garages - Extension of Permits through the end of April:

We understand that during this time our Monthly Permit Holders as well as other Parking Permit holders may be concerned about the approaching end of the month and typical monthly renewal process. Effective immediately we are extending all valid March Monthly Permits through the end of April and not requiring payment for April renewal. For those Monthly Permit Parkers that have pre-paid for the Month of April we will credit a month of parking and extend the validity of the permit as appropriate. Please continue to follow the City’s Updates on the link provided below for updates. If you have any questions or concerns please call (831) 420-5185, leave a detailed message and a parking representative will return your call as quickly as possible.

As part of the City Response to the Covid-19 the Parking Services Division of Public Works intends to continue to play a vital role to assist the Community in maintaining essential parking services. The division has taken a number of initial actions to focus on the safety and cleanliness of the parking facilities and continues to prioritize our services. Some of our initial actions that were taken are outlined as well as an overview of the City’s actions on the City of Santa Cruz website

For Specific Questions related to Monthly Parking in downtown parking Garages please contact Parking Supervisor Jessica Van Sandt

For Specific Questions related to Other Parking Permits please contact Parking Office Supervisor Claudia Carlson

For any additional Parking inquires please contact Superintendent Heather Sawyer Or Parking Program Manager Brian Borguno