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As part of their ongoing efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, the County Of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency and California Department of Public Health has issued a statement regarding mass gatherings. This statement included their recommendation that public events expecting more than 50 people be cancelled or postponed. We are following their recommendations, and have decided to CANCEL the event Kids Day Downtown, scheduled for March 21.

We encourage you to still honor a Kids Day Special in your business on March 21!

Even though we can't hold a gathering, we still want to drive business to you on March 21. We have let all of the exhibitors and performers know that we will share any of their marketing materials for a special Virtual Kids Day Downtown page on our website and social media. We will still highlight your Kids Day business specials there as well!

If you no longer want to offer a Kids Day special in your business, please email Marina by Thursday March 12 at

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