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Delaveaga Disc Golf Club

Category: Area Attractions


401 Upper Park Rd
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
(831) 462-5293

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The De Laveaga Disc Golf Course is one of the most highly rated disc golf courses in the world. It is famous for its inspiring natural setting, as well as for its uncompromising challenge. The course was originally installed in 1984, with the vision & hard work of local Tom Schot [1991 Grand Master World Champion.] The original course consisted of 18 holes, with the trademark green 4 X 4 posts as the targets.

Since then, the park’s development has seen the course grow to 29 Holes outfitted with Professional “pole holes”. The funds to pay for these “pole holes”, cement tee pads, and other necessities have been generated from the activities of the De Laveaga Disc Golf Club, as well as from the generosity of some local players.

The course is currently & solely maintained by the De Laveaga Disc Golf Club, which was formed in 1986 to promote disc golf in upper De Laveaga Park. It is the assumed responsibility of all who share in the pleasures of this game, in this beautiful park, to help in its necessary upkeep by volunteering at Club work days and by just picking up after yourself, your friends and your dog.

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