Back in August, the Downtown Association and Economic Development initiated a strategic plan in partnership with outside firm, Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA) , for the maintenance and management of the Downtown area. 

After many months of work, PUMA has come forward to us with an outline of recommendations for moving forward to. Some of those recommendations could lead to efforts to consider consolidating our assessments into one property-based assessment, instead of our current model, which is a smaller property-based assessment (the DMC) and a business assessment (the Downtown district). This model, a PBID, has become fairly standard in Downtowns around the country.

Click here to read PUMA's proposed workplan

Click here to see the proposed new PBID boundaries

We are currently in the exploratory phase, which involves working closely with the City of Santa Cruz to better understand the baseline of services they are providing and seeing what our Downtown stakeholders identify as our Downtown's primary needs. Ultimately, this will help us as we create a structure to try to close any gap between those two, for which we will then work to secure funding.

We would like to invite you to join us at an informational meeting on one of the following days during PUMA's next visit

Wednesday, February 12th 5:15pm @ Snap Taco

Thursday, February 13th 8:30am @ Soif