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Great news! Not only do downtown districts attract more visitors than other areas of commerce, but operating within the downtown district makes your business an automatic member of the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz. Being a member has many perks including opportunities for increased marketing through year-round promotions and events that the Downtown Association manages. We're here to support you.

Here's our QUICK GUIDE to promoting your content with the Downtown Association. 

Here's our list of annual EVENTS & PROMOTIONS. Many of our promotions are free to join. Just one of the perks of being a Downtown member. 

Contact out team for questions on how stretch your brand visibility with all Downtown Association events and promotions. 

Participate in SIDEWALK SALES for the 2023 season. 
Some friendly reminders of the permit conditions for our Sidewalk Sales:

  • Sidewalk Sales may occur 9am to 8pm, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on approved days.
  • Participating businesses must have a current Business Tax Certificate.
  • Financial transactions should take place inside your place of business.
  • Sidewalk displays should not prohibit pedestrian traffic.
  • Tables, clothing racks, and other large displays must be placed parallel to buildings in front of businesses, and cannot extend into sidewalk pathways.
  • Please do not use planters or block Fire Department connections.
  • Canopies, pop-ups, tents, stages, platforms, and bleachers are not permitted.
  • Businesses participating in Sidewalk Sales under the Downtown Association permit must abide these conditions.