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Downtown Bingo!

New & Noteworthy

Everyone wins when you support local businesses - but we've added a new spin! Introducing Downtown Restaurant BINGO! HALLOWEEN CITY STAFF VERSION!

Dine-in, takeout or delivery from a business to cross off that square. If you get five squares in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - you know, bingo - you earn $20 in Downtown Dollars! Black out the entire card and get $50 in Downtown Dollars!



  • Choose your card and either save it to your phone/computer or print it out. Mark off each square as you order something from those businesses. 
  • You must have proof! Save receipts, screenshots, and any other forms of proof.
  • You may choose whichever card you like - but you can only play one card, for both Bingo and Blackout. You can change your mind once you start, but you can only claim one of the cards, so choose carefully!
  • Email your marked-up card and your receipts for each square you're claiming to
  • You get one free square when you tag @downtownsantacruz, but please feel free to keep on tagging us in your delivery photos!


Can I mark a square if I ordered from a non-Downtown location?

Only if the Downtown location isn't offering dine-in, delivery or takeout! 

Do gift cards count?

They sure do! If you know you may want to order later, you can buy a gift card to mark off a square. The two caveats:

  • The gift card purchased can't count for both the "gift card" square and a business square!
  • The gift card must be purchased during the Bingo dates! No fair claiming your birthday present from 2004.