Here are some steps to help prevent trespassers or unwanted people from being on your property:

• Lock dumpsters

• Trim overgrown trees and bushes

• Installing landscaping that discourages sitting

• Install fencing around the perimeter

Post No Trespassing signs on the property

• Hire private security

While the Santa Cruz Police Department will send a yearly letter out for renewals, the property owners and agents are responsible for renewing their trespass letters annually and notifying the Santa Cruz Police Department if there are any updates or changes to their authorization letter. Please contact the Santa Cruz Police Records Division @ 831.420.5870 with any updates.

You can fill out the letter by clicking the link below.

Make sure your letter on file is current and up-to-date!

Fill Out Your Trespass Letter Of Authority

Click here to fill out your Trespass Letter of Authority