Downtown Dollars and Instagift

What do you get from the Downtown that has everything?

There are so many great gift ideas in Downtown Santa Cruz that it can be hard to choose. Original Downtown Dollars and Instagift (sometimes called Digital Downtown Dollars) takes the guesswork out of giving. Original Downtown Dollars are accepted at many of your favorite businesses throughout Downtown Santa Cruz, and are as good as cash for shopping, dining, services and more!

Purchase Original Downtown Dollars

You can purchase original Downtown Dollars all year round at Bookshop Santa Cruz, the Downtown Information Kiosk, or Pacific Cookie Company.

If there is an expiration date on the back of your Original Downtown Dollars, we will still honor it!

Purchase Instagift

Instagift is only available to purchase online here.

What's The Difference?

While Downtown Dollars and Instagift can both be used in multiple places, they can't be used in the same places. If you buy Downtown Dollars, they can be used at any place that accepts Downtown Dollars, and if you buy Instagift, they can be used at any place that accepts Instagift - but not vice versa! 

Participating Businesses

This list continues to grow, so if you don’t see your favorite business on the list, ask them if they would consider signing up with the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz to accept Downtown Dollars.


Artisans & Agency          Atlantis Fantasyworld           Camouflage            Dell Williams Jewelers

Fybr Bamboo              Mission Hill Coffee and Creamery              Old School Shoes

Sockshop & Shoe Company              Spokesman Bicycles               Stripe              True Olive Connection